Meet the LOGIS Team

Our entire member support staff is based right here in Minnesota, with extensive knowledge in the applications and systems you are employing in your organization.

Chris Miller - Executive Director

Chris Miller is Executive Director of LOGIS, a premier technology service provider to Minnesota local governments. He heads the executive leadership team and is responsible for the overall culture, strategic direction, and organizational management. Under his leadership, LOGIS completed its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, a revised Marketing and Outreach strategy, and established an internal Leadership Development program. He provides on-going support and guidance to the LOGIS Board of Directors. Prior to joining LOGIS in 2019, Chris served 28 years in local government including 22 years at the chief financial officer level. In addition to his senior finance role, his responsibilities also included oversight and management responsibility of information technology services at three different municipalities. Chris earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Finance from the University of Minnesota, and has served on the board of directors of several non-profit organizations.


Tonya Kusmirek - Director of Finance and Administration

Tonya Kusmirek is the Director of Finance & Administration for LOGIS, a premier technology service provider to Minnesota local governments. She is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for the overall administration of LOGIS and the ERP Application Division. Under her leadership, LOGIS completed a search for new ERP and Utility Billing software packages, and the development of a strategic and comprehensive employee compensation and benefit package. She continues to develop organization-wide employee training initiatives to ensure LOGIS is recognized as a top employer. Prior to joining LOGIS in 2017, Tonya served 16 years in local government in Minnesota and Wisconsin including 11 years at the chief financial officer level. In addition, Tonya has served on the National Debt Committee for the Government Finance Officer Association and has chaired various committees for the Minnesota and Wisconsin chapters and continues to be an active member. Tonya earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Wisconsin and a mini-MBA in Operational Management from the University of St Thomas and has served on boards of non-profit organizations.


Chris Olson - Director of Public Safety Applications

Chris Olson is the Director of Public Safety Applications and GIS for LOGIS, a premier technology service provider to Minnesota local governments. He is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for the overall support of public safety agencies using dispatch, mobile and records applications along with the support of a number of GIS-supported cities. Under his leadership, innovations in application software have been implemented. He continues to collaboratively work with others, both internally and externally, to identify and develop a data and analytics product to improve public safety decision making. He also coordinates meetings for the respective LOGIS Police and Fire Executive Steering Committees. Prior to joining LOGIS in 2017, Chris served almost 28 years in local law enforcement including 9 years as a chief of police and safety service manager. In addition to his chief role, he served as chair of a multi-agency/multi-discipline governance committee supporting dispatching, mobile and records for a joint public safety entity. Chris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement from Mankato State University (now Minnesota State University-Mankato), attended Northwestern School of Police Staff & Command and has been a member of a number of professional committees and associations.


Tom Blaeser - Director of Application Development and Support

Tom Blaeser is the Director of Application Development and Support for LOGIS, a premier technology service provider to Minnesota local governments. He is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for the Property Application Development and Support team culture, strategic direction, and organizational management. Under his leadership, Agile Application Development and Product Management framework were successfully implemented which has improved the speed and frequency of new product features and functionality delivered to LOGIS Members. He provides on-going technical and process leadership and guidance to all LOGIS teams. Prior to joining LOGIS in 2019, Tom served as a technology executive for 19 years at Target (16 years) and TCF Bank (3 years). During that time, his responsibilities included leadership of Technical Support, Infrastructure Engineering, Business Intelligence and Application Development teams. Tom earned a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Business Management and Leadership from Concordia University, and has continued his education earning several certificates in leadership and technology.


Vacant - Director Infrastructure & Shared Services


Dave Schleicher - Application Supervisor - ERP

Dave Schleicher has been employed in the Information Technology field for more than 20 years, in his current position as JDE Applications supervisor for the last 12 years. Prior to his current position he was a Business Analyst at LOGIS. Dave has performed roles in Information Technology including application design, analysis, development, training, and support. Prior to LOGIS, Dave worked in Accounting for 8 years, for private and public sector organizations.


Mark Mayfield - Network Architect Supervisor

Mark Mayfield has been employed in public sector information technology for over 20 years, including 12 years’ prior experience with municipal shared services and 10 years IT supervisory experience. Throughout his career he has focused on networking and its intersection with the process of creating highly available network and server environments. Joining LOGIS in 2018, Mark has been leading the infrastructure group, a highly skilled team of individuals which maintain the networks interconnecting LOGIS and its members across the state, provide staffing augmentation to members, and provide subject matter expertise on a wide range of network systems.


Jessica Fendos - GIS Supervisor

Jessica Fendos has worked in advancing geospatial technology for Minnesota government at the city, state and county levels for 20 years. She has extensive experience in the implementation of enterprise GIS systems and development of GIS solutions that enable location-based decision making and process improvement for local government. Leading a highly qualified, customer-focused GIS team, Jessica is responsible for GIS strategic planning, system design and solution scoping, customer service and relationship building, mentoring and developing GIS talents as well as promoting metro area municipal government’s interests at regional meetings and conferences. She received a Master of Geographic Information Science degree from the University of Minnesota and has been a Certified GIS Professional (GISP) since 2008.


Pam Kummer - Application Supervisor - Utility Billing

Pam Kummer has been employed in the Information Technology field for 18 years and with LOGIS since 2007. She is responsible for managing the day to day functions of Utility Billing, work plan management and supervising the Utility Billing support team. Pam’s role includes application design requests, report development, software integration and implementation project management, hardware and software acquisition and staff and user training. Prior to LOGIS, Pam worked in the Accounting and Insurance Industry for 15 years.


Patty Hartwig - Client Services Group Supervisor

Patty Hartwig has over 27 years of Minnesota local government experience, including 19 years as an IT Director and 8 years in Public Safety. Joining LOGIS in 2018, Patty brings leadership and a wide-range of knowledge and experience in local government technology and operations to the LOGIS team leading the Client Services Group. Areas of responsibility include supervision, security, budgeting, procurement, project planning, quality assurance, and LOGIS member relations. Patty understands the value of partnerships with LOGIS members and the LOGIS mission to facilitate leading-edge, effective and adaptable technology solutions though the sharing of ideas, risks and resources.


Jude Giron - Service Group Supervisor

Jude Giron has been in the Information Technologies field for 20 years and with LOGIS since 2006. Jude’s experience is quite extensive--from supporting server operating systems to network infrastructure consisting of switches, routers, and firewalls. Jude supervises the daily activities of the Service Group that consist of Network Administrators that are supporting LOGIS and members’ network environments. Jude also has extensive experience in Cisco IP Telephony Systems and is currently managing and enhancing CISCO IP Telephony Service, which include the voice and video systems for LOGIS and our membership.


Dave Pikal - Systems Group Supervisor

Dave Pikal has been employed in the information technology field for 15 years. He is responsible for the day to day functions of the systems group while also performing server and systems design, project management, implementation, and advanced troubleshooting of the LOGIS application systems and SANs. Prior to LOGIS, Dave spent 9 years in the military, received his Minnesota Emergency Management certification and for 5 years worked as a technology manager for one of the largest 911 call centers in Minnesota, managing and maintaining the four mission critical networks for the center.


Justin Roggenkamp - Fiber Optic Services Supervisor

Justin joined LOGIS in 2018 to lead a newly formed Fiber Optic Services Group. This group was formed to manage the fiber optic infrastructure for LOGIS and their members. Justin has over 18 years’ experience in fiber optic management working for network providers such as Zayo and Access Communication. Justin’s experience working with governmental organizations, school districts, and private corporations to install and manage outside and inside fiber optic infrastructure has made him a valuable addition to lead this newly formed Network Services group.


John Nichols - Application Supervisor - Public Safety

John Nichols has over a decade of Minnesota local government experience, including nine years in a variety of roles within the public safety environment. Prior to LOGIS, he has held positions including manager of a county-wide records management system and CAD administrator. John leads the public safety applications group, which is comprised of highly proficient individuals with over 100 years of combined experience in the public safety environment.


Rachel Romansky - Application Supervisor - Property and Recreation

Rachel Romansky has over 15 years of customer service experience and leadership from within both the public and private sectors. Rachel joined LOGIS in 2017 as part of the Property and Recreation Applications Support team. Prior to LOGIS, Rachel held positions in network administration, technical support, application development and support, and business analysis. Rachel leads the Property and Recreation Applications Support team, who support both internally developed solutions for permitting, special assessments, and property data software, as well as third party recreation software. Rachel's team offers analysis, service, training, and software support for over 30 member organizations.



LOGIS invests in best of breed application software from national vendors such as Oracle, JD Edwards and TriTech. Costs for technology solutions and applications are shared among members. Our member support staff is based right here in Minnesota.