City of Brooklyn Center Implements LOGIS IP Telephony Service

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LOGIS IP Telephony

On March 16th, the City of Brooklyn Center cut-over from their Mitel phone system to the LOGIS IP Telephony Service.  This conversion allowed Brooklyn Center to enhance their phone system capabilities by utilizing Cisco IP based phones, Unity unified messaging, conference bridging, Presence, etc,  while greatly reducing their monthly costs.

This conversion to our IP Telephony Service also greatly expands their disaster recovery / business continuity capabilities.  Brooklyn Center is now the 8th metro city to join LOGIS’s IP Telephony Service and we would like to welcome them aboard!

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LOGIS Class Parks and Rec System to be Upgraded

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Credit Card Images

The new credit card security standard: PCI DSS

There are some big changes coming up for the Class application (LOGIS’ Management Information System for Parks and Recreation Departments). The reason for these changes has to do with the credit card industry’s upcoming security standard, called “PCI DSS.” This standard aims to set tighter security requirements for the use and storage of credit card information in computer systems. Entities that accept credit cards as a form of payment must be running “PCI DSS compliant” software by July 1, 2010.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS for short, is a set of requirements that all businesses—regardless of size—must adhere to in order to accept payment cards. The purpose is to ensure the security of cardholder data and to help prevent credit card fraud, hacking, and other security issues. It is enforced by the major credit card companies that make up the Payment Card Industry Security Council—American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.

To meet the deadline, all of the Parks and Rec Departments that use Class through LOGIS will need to have their software upgraded to the new versions by July 1. This represents a pretty aggressive schedule for upgrades, but LOGIS has already developed a deployment schedule to meet that goal. We expect all our Class cities to be up and running on the new version in time to meet the July 1 deadline. If you have any questions about the upgrade, please call Paul Norton at 763-543-2633, or contact him through email at pnorton@logis.org.

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