Program Registrant Adjustments Screen Allows Mass Adjustments

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ProgramRegClass, LOGIS’ Park and Rec software, has a rarely used feature that can be useful in certain circumstances: the Program Registrant Adjustments Screen. This screen, which is on the Registration Tab of the Program Registration Module, allows you to apply adjustments to all the registrants of a course or courses at the same time. This can be quite useful if, for instance, one of a course’s classes gets rained out, and you want to give everyone in the class a credit for that missing day.

The Program Registrant Adjustments screen actually consists of two sequential screens. In the first screen, you enter parameters to select the courses you want to be affected. You can enter a course barcode to affect only one course, or you can use the other parameters to select multiple courses. Once you have made your selection, click on the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

The second screen allows you to choose which registrants will be affected by the adjustment and what the adjustment will be. When you have selected the adjustment and those registrants it will affect, click on the Process button to actually add the adjustments to the accounts. Note that if the adjustment causes an account to have a credit balance and you want to refund that credit balance immediately (instead of leaving it on the account), you will need to request the refund on each individual account.

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Category: Parks and Recreation Systems

PDS / SA Rolls Out New Version

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AnnouncementA new version of the Property Data (PDS) and Special Assessment (SA) software was released on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. This version included many required enhancements for reporting data to Minnesota Department of Revenue and Hennepin County. Also included were many enhancements requested by the LOGIS PDS /SA users. The user requested enhancements increased the ease of use by displaying more information on key screens and highlighting important data.

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Category: Property Data,Special Assessments

Utility Billing implements Infinity.Link for the Cities of Golden Valley and Richfield

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watermeterThe week of July 8th has been busy for the cities of Golden Valley and Richfield as they completed the final testing and implementation of Infinity.Link, the online bill presentment and payment solution.  With the start of the certification season, both cities have made great strides to ensure they are equipped to offer another payment solution to their residents.

Since the first implementation of Infinity.Link in 2009, 10 Utility Billing cities have continued to see an increase in registered users.  Below are documented adoption percentages per populous.

Implementation City Active CIS Infinity Accounts Registered Infinty.Link Users Total # of Months Live Adoption Rate
2009, January EP



53 Months


2010, October MG



32 Months


2011, August LA



22 Months


2011, August RO



22 Months


2011, December AV



19 Months


2012, January SL



18 Months


2012, March NH



16 Months


2012, May CR



14 Months


2012, November WO



8 Months


2012, December BC



7 Months



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Category: Utility Billing

PIMS Application Running on the iPad

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ipad_miniMore and more cities are enjoying the benefits of running PIMS in the field using an iPad.  The compact shape and lightweight design create a valuable and practical tool to record PIMS data in the field.  Currently we have more than half a dozen PIMS cities using the iPad for their wireless needs.

If you are interested in a PIMS iPad demonstration at any time, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to set up a date and time for a presentation.

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Category: Permits & Inspections Management

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