Class Amendment Mode Allows Changes to Registrations

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Amendment ModeIt’s happened to all Class users at one time or another: you need to make a change to a registration after that registration has been entered and paid-for. For example, suppose the registrant had to miss a class through no fault of their own. You want to give a credit to that registrant for the missed class. At this point, many users solve the problem by withdrawing the registrant from the course and re-registering them at a reduced charge. However, that method creates an audit trail that is not indicative of what really happened.

A better method is to use the Amendment Mode of Class to change the original registration. Use the following procedure:

  1. Bring up the registrant/course combination in the Program Registration Screen. This will automatically place Class in the Withdrawal Mode, as you can see by the activated Withdraw button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You then place Class in the Amendment Mode by selecting Registration > Amendment Mode from the menu at the top of the screen. The Amend button will then become available at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The Amendment Mode allows you to change numerous things about the registration such as adding, changing, or deleting adjustments and changing the price of a course. The important thing to remember is to make the change first; then you click on the Amend button to make the change happen.

If you have any questions about using the Amendment Mode (or any other aspect of Class) please contact Class support.

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2014 Harris Utility Billing Customer Training Conference

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Meeting-2The 2014 Advanced Customer Conference agenda has been planned with day-to-day users in mind, catering to an entire range of customers. It is educational, informative, interactive, and will provide numerous takeaways, including demos, best practices, and training. Here is the link for the invite and agenda: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxtd8jq9fbf4kx1/Advanced%20-%20Attendee%20Invitation.pdf


Conference Details:

• Dates: Wednesday, November 19 to Friday, November 21, 2014

• Pre-Conference Training Dates: Monday, November 17 and Tuesday, November 18, 2014

• Location: San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

• Address: 333 West Harbor Drive – San Diego, California


Why Attend UC2014 Advanced Customer Training Conference?

The UC2014 is the leading educational event for all Advanced Clients involved in the customer service and customer information technology aspects of their utility. It is focused on covering the full spectrum of business processes from the field service front line staff to collections.


UC2014 Conference Forums Available:

• New Features of CIS Infinity

• Billing – A Fresh Look

• Reports – Basic Training

• Reports – Crystal

• Actions in Action

• Utilizing the CIS Infinity Suite


• Infinity.Link – New Features

• Infinity.Mobile – New Features

• The next version – V4


Who Attends UC2014 Advanced Customer Training Conference?

• Utility Customer Service and IT Executives

• Customer Service Managers, Directors and Supervisors

• Call/Contact Center Managers

• IT Managers and Personnel

• Billing Specialists

• Credit and Collections Staff

• Field Service Personnel


This year you may register online by visiting: http://www.cvent.com/events/2014-harris-customer-training-conference/event-summary-af51d655ed644070a9837229bff14253.aspx


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Email Functionality Incorporated Into PIMS

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email1Included in our latest PIMS upgrade, we have added the ability to email reports and documents directly from the application. Basically, any report which utilizes a print preview window will now have the email option attached.  This feature will be available for (but not limited to):  code tables, system reports, local reports, inspection results, renewal notices, as well as many other possibilities.

Based on some feedback we have received from cities, we are currently working on presenting a list of all city employee email addresses (in checklist fashion) acquired from the Employee Codes table to ease data entry.

We continue to hear a lot of positive comments focused on the new email component.  It seems to have served a much needed purpose.

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New PDS User Interface

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NewsLOGIS Development staff has finished the programming and testing of the new user interface for PDS and Special Assessments. This interface allows for screen resizing, multiple menu items open, sort functionality, and the ability to export to several different formats from most grids to name a few enhancements.

The City of Eden Prairie offered to be an early adopter and field-tested the new interface starting in mid-June. With just a few minor tweaks, the software is ready for all LOGIS members and will be released to them on July 17th.

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