Utility Billing Electronic Bill Print and Presentment

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Chart MeetingUtility Billing member city representatives gathered on June 9th for an open forum discussion on the pros and cons of each of the EBPP vendor solutions.  Additional questions were raised on how and when to communicate billed information to the vendor.  The questions were answered by further discussions with each vendor and current clients.

Several inquiries have been received as to which vendor cities have chosen or are leaning towards.  So far, three cities have chosen their new EBPP vendor.  Please contact UB Support at 763-543-2660 if you are interested in this information.

LOGIS’ goal is to have each city migrated to your new EBPP solution by the end of 2016, taking into consideration a 90 day project implementation timeline and staffing availability with the vendor of choice, LOGIS staff and city staff.

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Category: Utility Billing

RecTrac 3.1 Upgraded Regularly

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upgradeRecTrac 3.1, LOGIS’ browser-based Parks and Recreation software offering, is being upgraded regularly by its developer, Vermont Systems, Inc. This is a brand new product to which features are being added on a frequent basis (once every two weeks or so). LOGIS applies the upgrades shortly after they become available.

Before upgrading, LOGIS notifies RecTrac users when the upgrade is going to take place. On the day of the upgrade, LOGIS will send a “Modification Listing,” which details all the changes and new features in the software. The upgrade is done after hours, to eliminate any effect on the day-to-day operations of the RecTrac users. Immediately after the upgrade, LOGIS staff log into each city’s RecTrac implementation to briefly test functionality.

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Category: Parks and Recreation Systems

PIMS Scheduling Module to be Re-Engineered

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SchedulerThe Scheduling module will be enhanced with the latest technical improvements beginning 4th Quarter 2015. The PIMS module is currently running the latest technical release, which consists of an upgrade to the latest flavor of .Net Framework 4.0.  The technical functionality in various modules has noticeably added value and improved quality to the software.

We also plan to include work requests from several cities to further renovate the Scheduling module and increase its efficiency.

Some of the technical items to be enhanced in Scheduling will be:

•           Screen sizing

•           Resolution

•           Column sorting (ascending/descending) in grids

•           More real estate for screens/scalability

•           More button space on the toolbar

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Category: Permits & Inspections Management

City of Eagan Live on eProperty

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AnnouncementThe City of Eagan was in need of a way to better communicate with their citizens about Special Assessments, so they could reduce the number of phone calls. During a demonstration of the eProperty application during a user group meeting they saw their answer.

LOGIS staff proposed the use of the eProperty application, a web based real time assessment lookup tool. eProperty allows the general public to lookup current and pending assessments for their property, eliminating the need to call City Hall.

The City of Eagan liked what eProperty had to offer and the fact it accessed information in real time. After testing and just a few wording changes, Eagan went live on eProperty in June.

For more information about eProperty or for a demonstration, contact LOGIS support staff.

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Category: Special Assessments

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