City of Coon Rapids preparing to use eScheduling!

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calendarThe City of Coon Rapids is gearing up to integrate eScheduling!

Coon Rapids went live with ePermits in January 2010, and they have experienced continued success issuing over 10,000 permits online.

As an added bonus, we have developed an online scheduling module to facilitate booking required inspections for all issued permits real time! This significantly saves time and boosts customer service.

Scheduled inspections can be viewed on the ePermits website by simply searching for the linked permit number. Moreover, inspection results are also conveniently displayed.

Coon Rapids will be our 3rd PIMS city to incorporate eScheduling.

If you would like a demonstration of ePermits or eScheduling, please let us know.

We would be delighted to visit your organization and provide a full demonstration.

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RecTrac 10.3 Upgrade

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upgradeWhen the RecTrac Parks and Recreation software was first implemented at LOGIS, the browser-based version of the product (version 3.1) had not yet been completed by Vermont Systems. As a result, the first set of LOGIS members were brought up on version 10.3 of the software. Version 10.3 runs on a client program that must be installed on individual PCs.

LOGIS has now started the process of upgrading our 10.3 users to the browser-based version of RecTrac (3.1). A browser-based application runs inside of an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Browser-based software is easier to maintain and has numerous other advantages. Vermont Systems will be devoting the vast majority of their resources in the future to enhancing version 3.1, so we want to upgrade our users to that version at some point.

Our plans for the near future are to create test 3.1 implementations for our 10.3 users and provide some training in its use. Cities will then experiment and grow comfortable with the test 3.1 databases, watch training videos, and go over conversion documentation.

At some point a few months later, at a city-determined date, the users will go live on the new version. (Each city will determine its own go live date.) At that time, a fresh copy of their 10.3 database will be converted to version 3.1. Additional training will also be provided.

During the week of September 12, our first city had their test 3.1 database created, and they attended training. Three more cities will follow them between late September and early November.

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Did you know?

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Dollar SignFinancial account numbers were already a part of the Property Data System (PDS). Enhancements in the latest PDS release introduced the ability to track interest amounts with the interest account number field addition. All information is entered on the Special Assessment Master Information screen. This is table driven. Selecting a fund number from the drop down list will auto-fill both the financial and interest account number fields. Both fields can still be edited if required.

A database utility was added to assist in entering the account numbers to the table. This will also reduce the chance of entering the account numbers incorrectly.

Custom reports can be easily created to report detail and total information for all the accounting numbers.

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Utility Billing Certification Process Fall 2016

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BenefitsJuly 1st marked the beginning of the Fall 2016 Utility Billing Certification Process. LOGIS cities follow their own business timetable regarding their actual certification steps. Because of the many elements involved, it takes almost a full six months for LOGIS members to complete the Fall Certification process.


How It Works:

The Utility Billing Certification process prepares past due utility bill amounts for assessment against property owner real estate taxes.  All of the LOGIS utility billing membership (except Hutchinson Utilities, which bills gas and electric) certify past due utility bill amounts to property taxes.  The majority of our members certify these past due amounts in the fall, but there are several that process certifications in the spring as well as the fall of each year.

The Certification process transfers past due utility bill amounts from the originally billed AR’s to certification ‘holding’ AR’s.  This action allows the city to identify and closely monitor these past due accounts, create certification letters informing the property owner of the potential certification, and apply administration fees. The certification notification letter to the property owner advises him/her of the potential certification of unpaid services for a specific time period and the date by which they must  pay the past due amount if they wish to avoid that amount from being assessed against their real estate property taxes.

The window to process the certification can range from a week to three months, depending on the member’s policies and business practices.  Some members move the past due amounts subject to certification immediately to their Special Assessment departments; others leave those past due amounts in the Utility Billing system until it is time for the certification file to be forwarded to the County. The past due amounts that are identified as certifiable to real estate property taxes are removed from the Utility Billing system once the certification file has been forwarded to the member’s Special Assessment department or to the County Assessor’s Office for collection.

When the transfer of the certification file to the County is complete, the County collects the certified amounts as real estate property taxes and becomes responsible to reimburse the member for those amounts, usually at predetermined intervals.

Please contact LOGIS UB Support staff with any questions or concerns.

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