RecTrac Field Help is “Click-able”

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RecTrac HelpMost RecTrac users know about the “i” icon in the upper right corner of the RecTrac Screen. Clicking that icon will cause “i” icons to appear for all the fields on the screen. These are field help icons. When you hover over them with your cursor, the field help appears.

However, field help can be frustrating in that its activation is sensitive. If you move the cursor even slightly off the icon, the field help disappears. Also, field help will sometimes contain clickable links to more information, but when you move the cursor to click on the link, the field help again disappears, taking the link along with it.

You may not know there is a way to relieve this frustration by clicking on the “i” icon itself while you are hovering over it. Doing so will cause the full on-line help screen to appear with that field definition at the top of the screen. You may then click on the embedded link without a problem.

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New Health Inspections Module

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Health_InspectionsLOGIS Staff has been working with the City of Edina to develop a PIMS health inspections module. Initial design and development started in early 2017 and focused on food establishment inspections. Food inspections went into beta testing in the fall of 2017.

We are pleased to announce that the City of Edina went live with Food Inspections in PIMS in January of 2018!

Health Inspections build upon the Business License framework that already exists in PIMS. The new module provides an interface to review upcoming health inspections, tracking of inspection dates and frequencies, and custom reporting – which includes CFP’s and detailed inspection reports.

LOGIS staff are currently working with Edina staff to add Lodging and Pool inspection types. These inspections use a similar design as food inspections but are being tailored to meet the unique needs of both. Lodging and Pool inspections are currently in internal testing and will be moving into beta testing soon!

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