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Polic Car2Has the LOGIS Public Safety group been reinvented? Not really…but we have been away from the blog for quite some time and it’s a good opportunity to re-introduce ourselves.  As a support team for public safety software applications, we have twelve dedicated individuals who support over three dozen public safety entities in the metro area and in greater Minnesota.  Utilizing the TriTech Inform software suite for CAD (computer aided dispatch), Records (which includes field-based reporting, also known as FBR) and Mobile (laptops and tablets in squad cars, fire trucks or other response vehicles), we provide the primary support team for our membership.

Beyond the TriTech software, LOGIS Public Safety offers customized solutions for reporting to assist agencies with tracking a broad range of data in your community as well as integrations with other software systems.

LOGIS Public Safety may not be a new version, but we continue to be dedicated to support our public safety agencies by providing 24/7/365 top-notch software applications and good old-fashioned customer service.

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