LOGIS inks press in Oracle’s Profit Magazine

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In an article by David Baum titled “In an era of deficit control, LOGIS delivers enterprise-caliber technology to public agencies” LOGIS received the spot light for providing “world-class ERP functionality to local governments”.

The article highlights the LOGIS use of the JD Edward’s software suite to “leverage economies of scale while maintaining autonomy in overall governance.”

From a long history of serving a growing membership to utilizing today’s advanced technologies, Mike Garris, Executive Director for LOGIS stated “Utilizing a private cloud is a good middle ground between placing assets in a public cloud, where you don’t have much security or control, versus doing everything on your own.”

For more information on the benefits of LOGIS,  the article begins on page 40 at: http://www.profitmagazine-digital.com/profitmagazine/201208JDE?sub_id=DVv3cNO2Hw6oT#pg2

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