South St Paul Adds LOGIS Applications

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LOGIS is pleased to announce that the City of South St. Paul approved adding the LOGIS applications of:  JDE Financials, Payroll/HR and the CIS Infinity Utility Billing system. They are also currently investigating the possible use of the LOGIS Permits system as well.

The city council expressed support for pursuing an expanded LOGIS membership to cover Utility Billing, Financial and Human Resources/Payroll functions. One of the key premises and attractiveness of LOGIS is the ‘pay as you go’ basis for continual upgrading and improvement …that should level out the cost through time and reduce large expenditure spikes for major system upgrades.

Work has already begun on implementing the JDE Financial software for the City to achieve a July 1st Go-Live. JDE Payroll/HR will be implemented with an October 1st estimated Go-Live date and the CIS Utility Billing software implementation will begin later in 2011 for a 1st Quarter Go-Live in 2012.

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