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Polic Car2One of the challenges that our users have had in CentralSqaure’s Enterprise CAD/Mobile system has been the ease of garnering historical person/vehicle data within the Supplemental Information module.  Historically, it would associate more data than desired, potentially associating individuals/vehicles to CAD incidents without discretion.  A modification to the functionality was made by LOGIS staff to prevent inaccurate information to be provided to its users, but the results was not up to the standards that our users expect.

After working with CentralSquare to resolve these frustrations, the Enterprise CAD/Mobile software has integrated an enhancement that we are excited to roll out in the coming months.

This enhancement will allow officers to determine at the time of query, whether or not the information they are querying is related to the CAD event they are assigned.  Regardless of the user selection, the queries will be logged appropriately, but the refinement in data will allow a more timely review of historical CAD information.

Paired with the data sharing mind-set that occurs within the LOGIS agencies, this functionality will allow users to see, in near real-time, the high-level involvement history of a person or vehicle within the consortium.

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