LOGIS Moves Forward with TriTech Implementation

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Polic Car2Project Kickoff

TriTech kicked off the public safety applications implementation project on January 7th. Thanks to all who braved the cold and were able to make it. The turnout far exceeded our expectations. The TriTech project managers presented their philosophy for implementations and the expectations of the process. It was clear that TriTech is experienced in implementations and has a solid plan for working with the consortium. Shortly after the kickoff was completed, work began with the dispatch group to prepare the foundation of the system. Meetings with both Records and Mobiles will take place in the coming weeks.


TriTech User Conference

Two LOGIS staff members attended the National TriTech User Conference in October. There were over 500 attendees from around the nation. There were numerous helpful sessions ranging from use of specific applications to successful implementation strategies. In addition to the sessions, meeting other users provides a network of agencies who can help when questions arise. This is one conference that member agencies may want to budget for in the future as end users are strongly encouraged to attend. TriTech will also host similar regional groups and LOGIS will pass that information along to the members when it is received.

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