PONotify Probation Notification System

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LOGIS staff has been working with MN Department of Corrections to automate notifications of law enforcement contacts with offenders on probation to the appropriate probation officer. The Minneapolis Police Department originally began this effort some time ago and developed a simplistic program to accomplish the task. For many reasons, the Minneapolis Police version would not work well in the LOGIS environment. LOGIS staff then created a more sophisticated program called PONotify that will download a list of probationers from the Statewide Supervision site and compare this list with recent police contacts in the LOGIS Records Management System. If a match is found, the program automatically sends an email to the appropriate probation officer and optionally to the law enforcement agency with some high level details of the incident. The PONotify program will only check the records of agencies that have opted to use this free service.

The notifications will make it much easier for both law enforcement agencies and probation offices to hold offenders accountable. More information will be sent to the departments shortly asking if they are interested in participating.

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