PremierOne “Train the Trainer” Sessions Held at LOGIS

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Training for the next group to go live on the PremierOne system has been in high gear for the last month. In mid-September, both the records management and CAD group had training for trainers that was presented by Motorola. This is often referred to as train the trainer or TTT. The design of this training is to give knowledge of the system to those who will be responsible for end user training. Typically the training will cover all aspects of the applications including features that departments might choose not to use. This is so that the users are aware of features should they decided to utilize them at a later date.

Mobile TTT took place in early October for both police and fire. Twelve police mobile agencies were trained over the course of three days. The following week was fire mobile training for seven fire departments. Additionally, CAD and records users were taught report writing with Report Builder, from Sequel Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

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