Public Safety Begins Premier One Project

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It seems fitting that we begin this platform of communication at the same time that the LOGIS staff begins using the Motorola Premier One Suite. Hopefully this will provide another avenue to update members on the progress. It was just over a year and a half ago that we realized we needed to make a move from the Printrak system, and now the day has finally come where the hardware has been installed and within a few days (and probably by the time you read this) the Records, CAD and Mobile applications will be installed at LOGIS.

The installation of this version is the version prior to what will be installed at agencies but it will give the LOGIS staff a chance to “kick the tires” and get a feel for how to configure the system. In the coming weeks LOGIS staff will receive training on configuration of the applications and how the applications themselves are designed and work. Motorola expects to do demonstrations of each application coming up in late April or mid May. We will make an effort to record the demonstrations for those that aren’t able to make the allotted time. The public safety groups will receive an email when the plans are finalized.

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