Public Safety Intranet is Easily Available

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Member agencies use the LOGIS intranet site to access files for installation and to download documentation for applications. In the past, navigating to the correct area of the intranet could be difficult. To make it easier to find the public safety materials, members within the LOGIS network can access the LOGIS public safety intranet area by going to http://PublicSafety.logis.org. Once there, navigation links can be found along the left hand side of the screen. Materials on using BI Web, Premier CAD and LRMS can be found under the “documents” category. Also, some installation files and LOGIS staff contact information can be found under the “lists” category. Some applications can be launched directly from this page. In the coming months we will be adding manuals for the Premier One system as they become available.

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Category: Computer Aided Dispatch,Law Records Management

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