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Decision making, statistical analysis and informational reporting in the public safety arena are helped significantly by easy to read reports available to users of the LOGIS CAD, Mobiles and Records systems. The users of these systems have two choices when creating reports, they can learn to create their own or have the LOGIS staff do the work. Reports are available to be run as needed but many are scheduled to run automatically and send results in PDF format to a wide range of public safety staff. Over 550 different CAD and Records reports are automatically scheduled to run without any intervention and are “filtered” by agency, incident type, address, beat, time period and many other criteria. Report output can also be in the form of a “CSV” file (comma separated values) for further analysis in Microsoft Excel. Security applies to report access just as it does for access to the CAD, Mobiles and Records components.

Examples of the reports include: all dispatch activity to a specified address or group of addresses, dispatch activity for certain call types for officer briefing reports, stolen vehicles, news releases, arrests, citations, year-to-date counts and fire calls. If you are interested in more information on this topic or how your agency can get a report contact Rich Sonenblum at rsonenblum@logis.org.

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