Public Safety Systems, Addresses and the Geofile

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The public safety suite of applications at LOGIS relies on accurate location based information contained in the “Geofile”.  Reliable location data is a must for dispatching police, fire and medical units.  Also, reports and crime analysis need this accuracy.  The Geofile in use with the current system is made up of street names and address ranges.  It facilitates the display of location or spatial data like parks, lakes, hydrants, etc.

The new suite of public safety software from Motorola, known as PremierOne, will have a Geofile that also includes address points.  An address point identifies a specific geographic or spatial entity and can be associated with an individual address.  Physical accuracy will therefore be enhanced, so will dispatching, reporting and mapping.  The expectation is that the maintenance of the address point features of the Geofile will be a collaborative effort across the jurisdictions.  Finally, PremierOne as well as the current public safety system suite at LOGIS utilize GIS software from ESRI, the national leader.

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Category: Computer Aided Dispatch,Geographic Information Systems (GIS),Law Records Management

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