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The law enforcement agencies within LOGIS use the Ticket Writer application, from Advanced Public Safety (APS), in their squad cars and in booking rooms. APS is the national leader in this arena. Ticket Writer captures query return data automatically, guides manual data entry, prints the citation in the squad car and transmits the data to the Motorola Records Management System and the Courts. This entire process helps save time and money and reduces errors due to redundant entry.

Currently, over thirty agencies in five counties are using Ticket Writer and each county has their own version of the application.  Ticket Writer edits, checks and validates such things as the age of the violator at issue date, court appearance requirement, court date needed, juvenile court requirement, severity of the violation(s) and population of required fields.

A couple of systems at LOGIS add further value to the Ticket Writer application.  QuickNumber is an application that assigns the citation number and ensures that the numbers are not duplicated.  The Electronic Citation Reporting (ECR) application, written by LOGIS staff, creates reports including a widely used daily report that looks like the officer copy of the citation.

APS works closely with LOGIS support analysts to design and implement changes to the application.  These changes can be program fixes or requested customizations.  The LOGIS support staff supports the hundreds of users of Ticket Writer across the LOGIS agencies.

If you have questions regarding Ticket Writer please contact one of the Mobile application support staff at LOGIS: Jason Ehlers at 763-543-2649 or Mark Tande at 763-543-2648.

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