From the Director’s Desk: LOGIS Stays Ahead of the Curve

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I was fortunate to be able to attend a national Enterprise IT conference this past month. The conference was primarily dedicated to the cutting edge of enterprise-wide communications. The main areas of focus included Unified Communications, video conferencing, Mobility (Mobile device communications), support of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and other key issues. I was particularity struck by some of the statistics a few of the national speakers presented. Among those stats were the fact that only 35% of American industries have converted from their analog PBX/PSTN communications facilities. Also mentioned was that almost 60% of companies were just now considering or planning a move to some form of Unified Communications.

Over the past couple of years, LOGIS and many of its members have converted to our shared IP Telephony systems from their PBX hardware.  As part of the LOGIS IPT offerings, we had installed a unified communications structure which is part of CISCO’s Telepresence environment.  Other key capabilities have also been added such as the WebEx clients for conferences (both audio and video).  It was really good to attend a national conference if for no other reason than to validate what LOGIS is doing and discover that we remain ahead of the IT curve.

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