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DESKYou’ve heard the terms:  SaaS (Software as a Service) and “Cloud” service vendors.

LOGIS does provide a private “Cloud” offering SaaS (Utility Billing, Financial, Public Safety and many more software applications) to our members. However, by joining LOGIS for one of our core applications members are not just limited to SaaS; we’re a XaaS offering the industry standard Cloud services of:

  • PaaS – Platform as a Service
  • IaaS -Infrastructure as a Service
  • NaaS -Network as a Service

Along with a series of other services such as:

  • BaaS – Backups as a Service
  • EaaS –Email as a Service
  • MaaS – Monitoring as a Service
  • RaaS – Recovery as a Service
  • TaaS – Telephony as a Service
  • VaaS – Virtualization as a Service

The list goes on, however what sets us apart from Cloud and software vendors which provide phone numbers for support; LOGIS provides people to:

  • Provide on-site administration, management and trouble shooting for the member’s computers, network servers and infrastructure 
  • Install servers and network infrastructure equipment
  • Provide purchasing of equipment along with managing licensing and maintenance contracts
  • Provide hot swap equipment for our members
  • Sit at the member’s elbow to help process a payroll (as one example) among many other on-site application assistance services
  • Locally support and train member staff; one on one or in groups
  • Provide alternate workspaces in case of a city or agency building disaster
  • Create custom reports and applications working locally with members

LOGIS is, in other words, a far different “business model” than what any private sector cloud or software vendor offers. Our Cloud is a local government only data and IT services network meeting federal and PCI security standards.

Overall, LOGIS is a member owned and directed collaborative where members share in the costs of the local staff and many different IT services and facilities which, in many cases, would not be affordable by individual cities and agencies.

Mike Garris, LOGIS Executive Director


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