Network Services Update: 5/13/11

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LOGIS IP Telephony

The IP Telephony Service marches on!  In May, LOGIS began upgrading our members to the newest 8.5 versions of Cisco Presence and Unity Connection.  These upgrades will continue through June and will add valuable features and functionality for the members of our IP Telephony service.

At the same time we have begun the 2011 member recovery tests.  These tests assure the smooth failover to SRST and of the member PRIs to the LOGIS data center PRIs.  These tests assure that failures of local service will not affect member phone availiablity.

Network Services

The Network Services group moves forward with testing of the “Managed Services” offerings.  We have successfully implemented offsite network based backups for one of the LOGIS members and configured a member server network that utilizes the LOGIS data center facility, switches, and SAN.  To date, these tests have proven very successful and look very promising in providing cost and labor savings to members utilizing the “Managed Services” offerings.

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