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Automation_UpdateBoth the City of Minnetonka and the City of Edina are now live on the Tungsten software for Accounts Payable Automation!!  The City of Minnetonka went live on November 7th 2016, and the City of Edina went live on December 27th 2016.

LOGIS staff and the staff from the two cities, with assistance from Tungsten staff, completed these two implementations in less than seven months from start to finish.

The kickoff meetings for Eagan and Golden Valley implementations were completed in December. The kickoff meetings provide a two way flow of information; LOGIS gains an understanding of the business processes in place at these cities, and the city staff learn more about the functionality of the Tungsten software.  City staff are then able to determine how they would like the software configured for their implementation. The information acquired during the kickoff meeting and a follow-up visit will be compiled into a Detailed Design document to develop their workflow processes.

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