Budgeting with Insight Software

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Ledger and CalculatorEight LOGIS members used Insight Software for their 2014 department budget entry during this past year. Four of those members completed bi-annual budgets.  This was three additional cities from the prior year as the positive feedback from the process is being spread throughout the consortium and the usage continues to grow.  Finance department’s workload is leveraged substantially using Insight Software for Budgeting, as once they have set up the inquiries/forms, the departments have access to real time data.  In the past, data was extracted from JD Edwards, manipulated substantially in spreadsheets to meet past standards and then sent out to departments.  The data the departments worked with was then stagnant, as of the time it was extracted from JD Edwards.  Departments can now run the inquiries with real time data, and have the ability to drill down to see the detail transactions that make up their account balances.

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