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Chart MeetingAn Insight Software User Group meeting was held August 20th and 21st at LOGIS.  The two day User Group meeting was well attended by a majority of the LOGIS members, along with a few other local Insight Software clients.

There were four primary areas of focus during the two days:

  • Insight Planning module; extends and enhances Insight Budgeting, including Salaries and Benefits details and line item comments;
  • Hubble; Insight Software’s new Business Management offering;
  • New features and functionality in the latest release 2014.1; and
  • Q&A; discussion on existing inquiries challenges, and potential enhancement ideas.

A number of attendees expressed interest in both the new Planning module as well as Hubble.

Thank you to the JDE support staff for organizing a very informative two day session!!

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Category: Financial Systems,Payroll/HR

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