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Business Analyst/Programmer Nancy Hilary has actively participated in the JDE Human Capital Management Special Interest Group (HCM SIG) for the last few years.  This group works closely with Oracle to expedite resolution of issues in the software, as well as identify areas for enhancement.  For the last six months Nancy has been the President of this group. The direct involvement in the HCM SIG is beneficial for the LOGIS consortium for advancing system enhancement requests.

Financial and Work Force Management Supervisor Dave Schleicher has recently been asked to become more active in the Public Sector SIG.  Both of the SIG groups are a part of the international Oracle/JDE user community (Quest) which Oracle views as an important part of their relationship with their clients.

Exciting JDE enhancements!!   Now available with the upgrade to V8.12 is the new type of application called Power Forms.  This new type of application allows inquiries to be developed that can more readily retrieve data from multiple tables within JDE, and present that data in a more user friendly format.  The ability to drill down to detail data is also available from summary information presented on the main screen.  Filter criteria (data selection) can also be saved, making often used queries quicker and easier to use.  Finally, an option exists on date fields to use “30 days from today’s date”, for example, which makes this filter criteria dynamic as a specific date does not need to be entered, thereby further enhancing the usefulness of saved queries.

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