LOGIS Upgrades JDEdwards to Latest Release v9.1

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The twenty eight consortium members using the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software were successfully upgraded from v8.12 to v9.1 during a three and one half day marathon session from October 18th to the 21st.

The collaborative effort, which is really what LOGIS is all about, was completed under the guidance of Dave Schleicher, JDE Support Supervisor and Kevin Pikkaraine, Network Services Manager, supported by many LOGIS staff members and several consortium staff members testing and validating data and procedures.

“I would like to thank everyone on the JDE team for their extraordinary efforts” said Dave Schleicher. Dave continued; “We also completed more data validation and integrity checking than with prior upgrades, and it was all done in a shorter timeframe by working smarter and sharing ideas.  Keep in mind, not only was there more historical data to convert (3 ½ years more!), we have had three members start using JD Edwards since the last upgrade, so that meant three more environments to convert, validate and update.”

Great job everyone !!

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