Maple Grove Live on Tungsten Software

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TungstenThe City of Maple Grove is live on the Tungsten software for Accounts Payable Automation!

The City, Tungsten and LOGIS staff completed the implementation in just under four months from start to finish.  The implementation included new functionality that many other members may want to take advantage of – an export of invoices and supporting documents, including workflow history, to be imported into Lasefiche for archiving purposes.

Based on additional knowledge and experience gained during Maple Grove’s implementation, a list of enhancements (including the export for Laserfiche) is being compiled to discuss with the City of Apple Valley as potential modifications to their workflow.

In addition, the initial Discovery meetings for the City of Farmington’s implementation were held on October 20th and 21st.  The information acquired during these two days will be compiled into a Detailed Design document developing their workflow processes to be used as the basis for their implementation.

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