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The long awaited ArcGIS 10 has arrived.  LOGIS GIS and our member cities received ArcGIS 10 on June 30.  LOGIS staff immediately began a transition to full time use of ArcGIS 10 and expects to complete the transition in our office during the week of July 12.  The upgrade will include ArcGIS Desktop, our concurrent use license manager for ArcInfo and extensions, ArcReader, ArcSDE, and ArcGIS Server.

The GIS Policy Committee has discussed this transition and the roles that LOGIS GIS and our cities will have in this process.  Your city will fit into one of the following scenarios.

  1. Ready for upgrade immediately.  LOGIS GIS staff will assist with installs and licensing.
  2. Ready for upgrade immediately.  City will manage all installation and licensing.
  3. Upgrade schedule is dependent upon certification of other 3rd party software, for example, Cityworks, Cartegraph.  These cities may need to run a mixed version environment of ArcGIS products for 6-12 months.

LOGIS GIS and the GIS Policy Committee strongly recommend that all cities in scenarios 1 and 2 upgrade to ArcGIS 10 at their earliest convenience.

LOGIS GIS staff is now primarily supporting ArcGIS 10.  We will continue to run ArcMap 9.3 in a virtual machine environment until August 31, 2010.  With approval of the GIS User Group we will discontinue support for ArcGIS 9.x products at that time.

Since ArcGIS 10 training was offered in April we do expect that some end-users may need a brief refresher before they become proficient with the new software.  Please let us know if additional training is need for you or a staff member.

Enjoy ArcGIS 10.

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