Assessing Basemap Application Matures as a Collaborative Effort with LOGIS PDS

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In one of LOGIS GIS Service’s first efforts to directly foster collaboration among LOGIS GIS and all LOGIS business applications, the GIS group released AssessingBasemap in mid 2009. This month AssessingBasemap is moving through its first transition of “Display Year” and “Current Year” data for our Property Data System (PDS) users.  This group of users will be meeting later this month to discuss the successes and possible additional requirements of AssessingBasemap.

AssessingBasemap is a web mapping application that offers common map and query functionality to assessors and appraisers to evaluate property information from the LOGIS Property Data System.  It is secured to each individual city’s assessing staff.   The interface is enabled to display a configurable list of attributes for both “display year” data and “current year” valuation data.   The application’s data is unique by city but the interface and functionality is similar across all six PDS cities.

AssessingBasemap is a standard “out-of-the-box” web application using ESRI’s ArcGISServer template.  This template provides standard mapping capabilities such as map navigation, printing, searching, and feature attribute display.  This common functionality is provided to the end-user without having to write source code.  The application is intended to be simple in both form and function without incurring significant development expense and the user can navigate and consume the basics of the application through a common “hands-on” experience without the need for training.  And, since AssessingBasemap is a web application, no need for installation, update down-time, or OS compatibility concerns.

AssessingBasemap is supported by the LOGIS GIS team with additional database assistance from the PDS support group and is available to any LOGIS Property Data System city.  Please contact the LOGIS GIS team for additional information on AssessingBasemap and other GIS solutions.

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