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In mid-April LOGIS GIS began replacing our older versions of ParkFinder with the capabilities of gGov.

ParkFinder was an interactive map and query tool designed for our cities to offer the public a geographic way to search for parks and park facilities in their city.  Although ParkFinder was a very functional product, it’s time had passed in favor of technology improvements and its capabilities had become an inherent part of the design and function of gGov.

gGov is a web-based, interactive map tool that cities can use to geographically expose municipal map layers, places of interest, public amenities, documents, photos and other images.  Similar to MapQuest, Google Maps, etc., its interface is very simple and intuitive.  However, it offers the distinct ability for the city to directly use its own existing enterprise GIS data sets to easily and quickly modify, add, or remove map features and attributes to meet the current information demands of the public.  It can also leverage existing map services and information links offered by other organizations.  gGov replaces our older generation internet mapping applications like ParkFinder, putting nearly all of a city’s public facing interactive mapping needs in one application.  With gGov cities can present park and recreation facilities and amenities, street and utility information, property data, places of interest, polling locations, school districts, busing zones and routes, land use, zoning, construction sites and information, event routes…  virtually any geographic information the city uses or produces.

See the gGov ParkFinder links on city park and rec web sites for Eagan, Edina, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, and Hutchinson.  At these sites citizens can search for parks geographically by exploring the map, toggling aerial photos on/off, measuring distances for running/walking routes, and hovering over park sites to acquire additional information.  They can also filter their view of available parks by amenity.  For example, “show me only the parks that have picnic shelters”.  Some cities implementations of gGov ParkFinder include links to detailed park and trail maps, contact information, links to seasonal photos, and other helpful additions.  All of these features simply leverage existing web site links and the cities’ existing GIS map layers.

The LOGIS GIS staff continues to assist our GIS cities with the implementation and roll-out of gGov for ParkFinder and other public facing mapping needs.  Please contact LOGIS GIS for more information on gGov and its value to your web site.

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