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Happy-New-YearLOGIS GIS has had a very dynamic 4th quarter of 2016 and are expecting an even more exciting 2017.  Below are some the highlights.

As you may know, we are very close to a preliminary release of a new LOGISmap.  This release will be limited to only a few cities and a few staff in order to solicit feedback on the initial functionality and user experience.  We will continue to add features and functionality to the product until each of our member cities is ready to fully replace their current LOGISmap.  This new version of LOGISmap is not constrained by browser or device type.  It will run on your desktop PC or mobile device in IE, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.  And a general access version will not require a log in.

Our ArcGIS Server site is in the process of being upgraded, including new, faster servers and a dedicated subnet.  This upgrade will be complete by March 1.  We are also evaluating ArcGIS 10.5.  An Enterprise software upgrade will be dependent upon compatibility with our member’s asset management products, but Desktop 10.5 presents very little change from any 10.x version.  One of our two license managers already supports ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.

We are working toward scheduling a GIS Technology Review at several of our cities this month.  This presentation and round table discussion is primarily directed toward our smaller member cities and those transitioning through our GIS Specialist staff change.  However, if you’ve not been contacted and would like LOGIS GIS staff to coordinate a GIS technology presentation at your city, please call or e-mail me as soon as possible.

We are also welcoming two more cities to the LOGIS GIS group in 2017; White Bear Lake (Nov 2016) and South St. Paul (Jan 2017).  Our GIS membership now stands at thirteen cities.

As has been typical of the past few years, our member cities determine their unique staff augmentation requirements for the coming year and LOGIS GIS staff coordinate our time to fulfill each city’s needs.  Our 2017 schedule has a few dates that still need to be verified but will be finalized by the end of this week.

Finally, a reminder that Derrick Frese started in mid-September as our new GIS Specialist.  He has been working diligently to take over many of the tasks and staff augmentation responsibilities of our previous GIS Specialist as well as many other things we toss his way.  Derrick is now fully engaged with Edina, Golden Valley, and Richfield.  He will likely take on one more of our member cities early this year.

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