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The LOGIS GIS staff has been busy preparing for the transition from ArcGIS v9.x to ArcGIS 10.  We became a beta test site for v10 in 2009 in preparation for this major release and are currently testing the ArcGIS 10 pre-release.

ArcGIS 10 is ESRI’s first offering of its complete software suite that is fully Windows 7 certified.  From a user perspective there are some major changes to the interface of ArcGIS desktop (ArcView and ArcInfo) and features that will make using ArcView easier and more efficient.  Overall performance is improved; editing is more streamlined; search functions eliminate much of the hunt/peck of previous versions.

Derek Lorbiecki, our GIS Specialist, offered “What’s New” training sessions for ArcGIS 10 during April, instructing a total of 75 ArcGIS end-users from our cities.  This is the highest attendance we’ve ever had for GIS training sessions at LOGIS.  We now wait anxiously for the full release from ESRI!

ArcGIS 10 is expected to ship in June.  When we get closer to the release date we will begin to schedule software upgrade assistance with those cities wishing to have LOGIS GIS staff assist with the upgrade, license distribution, and additional on-site instruction.

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