LOGIS Works with Bair Analytics to Implement RAIDS Online

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RaidsOnlineIn cooperation with Bair Analytics, LOGIS Public Safety has been in the process of transitioning its agencies from PIMA Web to Bair’s public-facing incident mapper and analysis tool known as RADS Online.  RAIDS Online offers a convenient tool for law enforcement agencies to communicate crime activity along with state-of-the-art analytics tools that are free of charge to the agencies.  RAIDS Online can be accessed via http://www.raidsonline.com .  As of November 1st, almost all of the PIMA Web agencies have transitioned to live production on RAIDS Online with the Faribault Police Department, Edina Police Department and the Steele County Sheriff’s Office in test mode and about to go-live soon.

Along with the transition to RAIDS Online, LOGIS Public Safety has been working with Bair Analytics to offer its agencies ATACRAIDS which is an analytic dashboard specifically designed to be used within agencies for crime analysis and data sharing between agencies.  ATACRAIDS is a very easy-to-use analytic tool for analysts and allows for all law enforcement personnel to be more aware of the crime situations that are occurring within their jurisdictions and in neighboring jurisdictions as well.  Currently, the Maple Grove Police Department is piloting the ATACRAIDS initiative at LOGIS with other agencies to follow after full implementation at Maple Grove.

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