Public Safety RMS to be Upgraded

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LOGIS will be upgrading the Law Records Management System in the coming months as Motorola has continued to make improvements to the Infotrak Law Records Management System (LRMS). The upgraded RMS will have many desired functionality and ease of use improvements including:

  • Allowing multiple master person, addresses, vehicles and businesses to be merged at one time.
  • Agencies will be able to delete their own records. Previously this required assistance of LOGIS staff.
  • View of associated events by double clicking on it.
  • Ability to search telephone numbers.
  • Ability to transfer property from one incident to another.
  • Ability to hide personal information when printing an incident report such as SSN, DLN etc.
  • The type of alert is added next to the name in IIQ.

There are many other improvements that are seen by the RMS user group as highly desirable. The last upgrade was completed in 2008. While no date has been set for the upgrade, it is expected in the coming months.

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