Managed Services for 2012!

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At the July Board of Directors meeting, the LOGIS board approved the creation of a new service we labeled “Managed Services” for our members!  Managed Services is a suite of services provided by the Network Services group that are designed to allow our members to leverage LOGIS resources to accomplish the goals of their organization,  while reducing their costs.

The Managed Services suite includes:  Network Data Backups, Shared Systems and Applications (includes shared server access of hardware and applications such as SharePoint, SQL, and Exchange), Hosted Systems (includes access to N +1 Data Center, Compellent SAN, etc.), and IP Telephony (IP Telephony was approved and established in 2007 and is now incorporated into the Managed Services offerings).

If you would like additional information on any of these services please contact Kevin Pikkaraine, Manager of Services, at 763-543-2626 or kpikkaraine@logis.org or Janelle Rients, Supervisor of Projects and Network Services,  at 763-543-2623 or jrients@logis.org.

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