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The Network Services department would like to welcome our members’ IT staff to our SharePoint portal at http://it.logis.org.  Simply enter in your LOGIS domain username and password and the Members’ IT Management portal will appear.

This portal was designed and is maintained by the Network Services staff. The site currently has the following features available to our members:

  1. Member IT Event Calendar – This calendar contains items such as scheduled meetings (such as IP Telephony and IT Management User Groups), scheduled system maintenance, and other such events.
  2. Membership Data Directories – files such as member documentation, common program directories,   security and policies are all accessible from these links.
  3. Helpful Links – Links to common programs and utilities such as Phaseware, LOGIS domain user administration and other programs can be found and accessed.
  4. Discussions – Discussion groups are supplied to supply our members a form to submit topics.
  5. Lists – Common lists are provided to our membership for easy access.  Members will find items such as LOGIS staff information and Member IT staff information.
  6. Announcements – a Network Services announcement page that supplies information for our membership.
  7. Notifications – Members can setup their own email notifications, allowing the member to keep themselves up-to-date by receiving emails when items on the portal change such as announcements, lists, discussions, etc.

This site is continually evolving. Other items will be added and changes will occur over the next couple of months to increase functionality.  We welcome your feedback to assist us in enhancing the site.  To submit your ideas, please email sharepoint@logis.org.

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