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LOGIS IP Telephony

LOGIS IP Telephony

City of Bloomington Goes Live!

LOGIS just completed the implementation of the City of Bloomington onto the LOGIS IP Telephony Service!  LOGIS implemented our service across all of their facilities including the beach, DMV, fire stations, heath, ice arena, golf courses, municipal center, police, pool, and public works.  This installation included over 700 phones and was configured to utilize the latest features of our service such as:

  • Video enabled phones
  • PC controlled Presence software for IM, contacts, status, WebEx
  • WebEx / MeetingPlace

With the addition of the City of Bloomington, there are 13 organizations utilizing the LOGIS IP Telephony Service servicing over 3900 phones and an average during the work week of over 19,100 calls a day.

Ramsey County Emergency Communication Center Joins LOGIS!

Ramsey County Emergency Communication Center (RCECC) has joined LOGIS for Managed Services of their servers and network infrastructure.  RCECC recently purchased the TriTech CAD and mobile application and the Network Services group will now be responsible for managing the infrastructure of this application.  RCECC is a great addition to the LOGIS membership and we look forward to a long and beneficial partnership.

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