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Network Services

Over the past few years, requests for electronic discovery (e-discovery) of email records have been ever increasing throughout the membership.  Each request takes multiple hours to complete and are usually lacking in its audit trail.

In February, volunteers from the member IT staff along with staff from the LOGIS Network Services group formed an evaluation and research committee and were tasked to search out and evaluate email archiving products. Their goals were to find a product that:

  • Could be centrally managed at LOGIS or each member
  • Expandable to fit from the smallest member to the largest member
  • Configurable to meet each members’ unique requirements
  • That would greatly simply the e-discovery process
  • Produce a result/report that would be understandable to non-IT staff.
  • Affordable for the members

This research project is expected to span the first 8 months of 2012.  When completed, a recommendation will be presented to the membership during an IT Management meeting.

IP Telephony Service – Migration of Unity Servers to a clustered Unity Connect environment.

In February, the Network Services group completed the migration from standalone Unity voice mail servers to the LOGIS clustered Unity Connect voice mail servers for the cities of Minnetonka and Golden Valley.  This migration greatly increases their reliability, allows the member to have disaster recovery for their voice system, and adds the latest features found in Unity Connect.

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