Network Services Update: 2/15/2011

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LOGIS IP Telephony

LOGIS IP Telephony

LOGIS has recently upgraded our IP Telephony Licenses to the new Cisco CUWL licensing structure.  This licensing structure has multiple advantages for our members including:

  • Simplified order structure
  • Reduced purchase costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Removal of server based licensing

LOGIS Member Budget Meetings

LOGIS has begun scheduling our 2011 member budget meetings.  These meetings are extremely valuable in assisting our members in preparing their 2012 budget.   During these meetings we review with them their needs, goals and networks.  Afterwards we perform the research and then supply them with recommendations, costs, and equipment specifications.

Since these budget meetings book up quickly, we recommend our members contact us  as soon as possible and schedule their time slot.

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