Network Services Update 5/15/2012

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LOGIS IP Telephony

IP Telephony – Presence

LOGIS completed upgrading our members’ Presence servers and clients to version 8.x.  This upgrade allows our members to utilize Presence with multiple lines and features enhancements to Chat, conferencing, and the integration of WebEx into our environment.

With the completion of the upgrade of our existing Presence users, LOGIS has now begun rolling out the Presence and Jabber software to our remaining service members.  This rollout includes configuration of the profiles, installation of the client software to the PCs, documentation and training.

Android and Cisco AnyConnect

Android 4.x OS is now available and rolling out to multiple vendor tablets and phones.  This release of the Android OS supports the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software without requiring root access.  AnyConnect allows the user a state full connection that greatly enhances the support of applications such as virtual desktops, Citrix, Jabber, etc.

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