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LOGIS IP Telephony

IP Telephony

Business continuity has always been a primary focus for LOGIS.  Quite often this feature is overlooked compared to the other more glamorous features offered in our service.  However, when a member recently had a backhoe tear up the primary copper feeds to their facility, removing their local PRI service along with their dedicated phone lines, the value became immediately apparent!  The IP Telephony service immediately routed all inbound and outbound calls through the LOGIS PRIs, losing only the calls that were in process and resulting in an outage of only a few seconds.

The city utilized the LOGIS PRIs for several hours while repairs were made and until their circuits were restored.  Once everything was restored the IP Telephony Service seamlessly switched back to the local PRIs. The incident demonstrated the value of this often overlooked feature!

Network Services

On June 3rd the City of Richfield moved into their new municipal center!  This is a state of the art facility servicing Police and Police dispatch, city services, and a fire department!  LOGIS assisted Richfield from the inception of the project through the week following the move in. LOGIS contributed in a number of ways:

  • Designed and specified requirements for the Demark and computer room.
  • Wrote, evaluated, and managed cable and fiber optic bids.
  • Procured necessary IT equipment (routers, switches, etc.)
  • Provided uninterrupted phone service.
  • Established fiber optic connectivity between existing and new facility.
  • Transitioned dispatch center through temporary re-location to an outside facility.
  • Configured and established infrastructure at new facility, and also between facilities to allow ease of transition.

Congratulations to the City of Richfield on their new municipal center!

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