Network Services Update 8/9/2010

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LOGIS IP Telephony

LOGIS Upgrades to CiscoWorks Version 3.2

In August, we upgraded and made available to our members the CiscoWorks platform version 3.2.  We have utilized CiscoWorks over the past decade to manage our members’ networks by receiving proactive SNMP network notifications, automatically backing up device configurations, managing configuration versions, recording configuration / status changes, and performing bulk administration changes to the network devices.  This new version enhances these features by adding SNMP version 3, enhanced network reporting capabilities, and support for the new Cisco switch, router, and wireless platforms.

LOGIS IP Telephony Service Enhancements!

The IP Telephony Service has been enhanced again by our latest upgrades to Cisco IPCC Call Center and Infortel Call Accounting software.  These upgrades provide enhanced capabilities and set the basis for the Call Manager 7 upgrade scheduled at the end of August.  These upgrades in August set the stage for the next generation of the IP Telephony Service that will benefit our membership.

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