Network Services Update 9/13/2010

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LOGIS IP Telephony Service Enhancements!

LOGIS would like to announce major enhancements to our IP Telephony Service.  LOGIS has upgraded our shared Unity Server to Unity Connect version 7, MeetingPlace services to version 6.0.5 and Call Manager servers to 7.1.3.  These upgrades have provided our members numerous features and enhancements along with support of the recently released Cisco phone product line.

LOGIS Yearly Business Continuity Tests!

In August, LOGIS completed our yearly business continuity tests for our JDEdwards and Comvault applications.  These yearly tests provide many benefits to LOGIS and our members such as allowing us to validate our documentation, verify our systems, and provide staff training.  The results were very successful!  The tests allowed us to failover the applications between our data centers with minimal user down time.

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