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IP Telephony Service

In May, LOGIS completed the upgrade to Cisco Emergency Responder Version 7 on our servers for our membership.  This upgrade was completed with minimal downtime (1 hour) and was tested at each of our members.  This upgrade allows our members to take advantage of the latest phones offered by Cisco along with the enhancements offered in version 7.0.

Citrix XenApp

In May, the Network Services group completed the first migration of our Citrix farms to XenApps version 6 and Windows 2008 with the successful cutover of our GL Inquiry application.  Now we are focused on the migration of the Permit and Utility Billing applications.  This upgrade allows us to take advantage of the Windows 2008 features of performance and memory allocation along with the XenApps 6 features.

Utility Billing Business Continuity Test

LOGIS completed a very successful business continuity and recovery test in May on our Utility Billing application. This recovery test involved bringing up the Utility Billing application and systems at our Brooklyn Center data center and operating out of this data center for 24 hours before reverting back to our Golden Valley data center.

This yearly recovery test is performed without the loss of data and is an essential part of our business practice to validate the LOGIS recovery plans and application systems, assure successful mirroring of data, and provide detailed cross training of staff.

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