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LOGIS IP Telephony

Until recently, LOGIS maintained and supported two Cisco Unity voice mail platforms for our members utilizing the IP Telephony service. There were a variety of reasons for having to support this complex environment which included items such as cost, functionality, and the future direction/support by Cisco.

A few months ago Cisco released version 8 of Unity Connection. The version included two very important enhancements: multi-tenant support and the ability to fully integrate voice mail with Exchange. These enhancements enabled us to move forward with creating a cost effective, high availability clustered solution for our members!  By consolidating our members to one platform we have been able to simplify our environment, decrease staff labor and support, reduce hardware replacement (CRP) and maintenance costs, and provide a highly available redundant voice mail platform.

To date, LOGIS, the City of St. Louis Park, and West Metro Fire have been successfully migrated to the new clustered environment.  This transition has been very smooth with little to no impact to our members’ end users.  Our intention is to move the remaining members to this clustered environment by the spring of 2012.

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