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Now you can keep up with industry trends, news, and tips at the brand-new Active Network, Communities Blog! (Active Network is the developer of LOGIS’ Park and Rec System.) Each article has one goal—to help community leaders operate the best organizations around. Here are the top 5 reasons to check out the blog:

  1. It’s a place to learn: our experienced team will cover everything from best practices to success stories and community news.
  2. It’s full of great guest bloggers: knowledgeable recreation professionals will offer tips from the field.
  3. It’s easy to subscribe: sign up to receive the weekly posts by RSS feed without having to visit the site directly.
  4. It’s social: start discussions and share your favorite articles through social networks.
  5. It’s a community: connect with other community leaders to share ideas in a few great places like:

Here are some articles to start out with:

Feel free to comment with questions, answers and propose new ideas for articles. See you there!

Click here to visit the Active Network’s new blog!



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