Changing the Primary Household Member in RecTrac

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RecTrac_Primary_MemberEach household in RecTrac has a “primary member” who is the main contact for the household. Usually, this is the first person who was entered when the household account was created. However, it may sometimes be necessary to change the primary member designation to some other person on the account. The method for doing this may not immediately be obvious. For example, there is no way to do this when maintaining the data on the household update screen.

To change the primary member, you must select the household on the Household Maintenance selection datagrid, which is the first screen that appears when opening the Household Maintenance screen. On the selection datagrid, search for the household account using any of the methods provided (last name search, household number search, etc.). When the desired household appears on the datagrid, highlight it and click on the Change Primary Guardian button at the bottom of the screen. This will open a window that displays the current Primary and allows you to change that designation to any other member of the household.

If you do not see the Change Primary Guardian button at the bottom of the datagrid, your RecTrac screen design is preventing it from being displayed. Please contact LOGIS RecTrac support at rectrac@logis.org to address this issue.

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