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Class Search BoxSometimes, it may seem as if Class is refusing to find an account when you know that the account is in the database. For example, in the Client field of the Program Registration Screen, you may enter the name of an organization or team which you know you are spelling correctly, and the account simply will not appear. In these cases, it is almost always a result of missing a check box in the Search or Find fields of the Program Registration Screen.

In the case of frustration pulling up an organization or team by name, this is usually due to the “Account Name” Search box not being checked. For each account, there is a field in the database called “title.” For organizations and teams, this is the organization or team name; for family accounts, this is the name of the main contact on the account. The “title” field for accounts corresponds to the “Account Name” check box in the Program Registration screen. Thus, if the Account Name box is not checked, class will not find organizations and teams if you enter them by name in the Client field of the Program Registration screen.

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