Class eConnect Allows “Real Time” Account Creation

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Some of our Class users may not know that eConnect Online Registration can allow the eConnect site’s visitors to create their own accounts and sign up for programs immediately (without intervention from the city’s staff). This is convenient for site visitors and may lead to greater participation in programs. However, allowing real time account creation can also present challenges to your recreation staff: namely, duplicate accounts. It is normally very easy for a client that already has an eConnect account to create another (duplicate) one if they can’t find their old eConnect login credentials. Recreation staff must then find these duplicate accounts and merge them—account by account.

The new version of Class that was recently rolled out to all LOGIS class users (version 7.00) does have a new feature for preventing the creation of duplicate accounts through eConnect. If you turn this feature on, it will prevent eConnect visitors from creating a new account if too much information in the account they are trying to create matches an account already in the database. The similarity limits can be determined by city staff.

If you are interested in enabling real time account creation in eConnect and/or are interested in turning on the duplicate account creation prevention feature in Class, contact Paul Norton of LOGIS at pnorton@logis.org.

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